Bridging the digital skills gap: 5 ways to empower your employees 

In a world where time is money, efficiency is crucial. We all strive to minimise time spent on tasks that distract us from our core purpose, such as administrative work in healthcare, and focus on what truly matters, like providing exceptional patient care. With industries undergoing rapid digital transformation and automation, there is a growing demand for a workforce that can navigate complex digital environments with ease. 

A recent study conducted by Microsoft highlights this pressing issue. A staggering 65% of hiring managers globally face challenges in sourcing qualified digital talent. The digital skills gap is no longer a speculative concern; it’s a tangible hurdle that impedes organisations worldwide from fully embracing digital transformation and harnessing new technologies for growth. The silver lining? We have the ability to narrow this gap by empowering and upskilling our existing workforce. 

The importance of upskilling cannot be overstated, particularly in our digitised environment. Ensuring our teams are well-equipped to thrive in this digital era is an investment in their and our collective success. Let’s explore some ways in which we can empower our employees:

  1. Enhance Employee Experience Through Engaging Platforms: Creating a platform that enriches the employee experience fosters engagement, skill development, and efficient work practices. The more user-friendly and enjoyable a digital tool is, the more employees will feel confident and connected while using it. This enhanced experience directly translates to empowerment. 
  1. Enable Self-Sufficiency with User-Friendly Platforms: Developing platforms like Viva Connections Intranet can enable employees to become self-sufficient. When individuals can effortlessly access what they need and complete tasks independently, they become more confident and reliant on digital tools, further enhancing empowerment. 
  1. Promote Data Security: By educating employees about data security and involving them in data labelling, organisations empower their staff to take charge of their data safety. Feeling in control cultivates confidence and contributes to the overall security of the organisation’s data. 
  1. Leverage Automation for Skill Growth: Empowered employees can capitalise on their skills and nurture them by automating daily tasks through platforms like the Power Platform. Automating processes not only increases efficiency but also allows for skill expansion, a true form of empowerment. 
  1. Embrace OpenAI Solutions for Unparalleled Empowerment: OpenAI’s innovations, such as CoPilot, can revolutionise the way employees work. By assisting in knowledge worker tasks and streamlining processes across the board, CoPilot empowers individuals to work smarter and save substantial time. Utilised appropriately and safely, this tool can redefine productivity. 

As we look forward to the upcoming Digital Skills week at Rapid Circle, we’re excited to delve deeper into these empowerment strategies. This week of exploration and learning, coinciding with the Halloween spirit, will demystify these often-intimidating concepts and shed light on how they can be harnessed for personal and organisational growth.

Ready to join us on this journey of empowerment and skill enhancement? Join us for our Digital Skills week to gain insights, inspiration, and actionable knowledge. Check out the program details here and prepare to step into a future where your workforce thrives in the digital realm. 

Empowerment starts with knowledge and action. Let’s equip ourselves to face the challenges of the digital age and emerge stronger, more skilled, and more confident in our abilities. 

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