Celebrating 10 years of Sayali Shitole

Rapid Circle celebrates 10 years of Sayali Shitole’s dedicated service, excellence and hard work. Sayali joined Rapid Circle in 2013as a Test Consultant with three years of work experience. Starting with a manual QA role in an up and coming product team, to owing the QA setup for the entire product., Sayali has seen it all. Over the years, she has not only learnt platforms, but also picked up coding for test automation and even picking up core support when needed with her dep understanding of the platforms. Het team members rely on her suggestions which are always thoughtful and well-reasoned.

Sayali’s approach on every project with a sense of ownership and responsibility makes her #bettertogether and #trustedtodeliver. 

Here’s Sayali’s ten years of journey at Rapid Circle: 

Sayali Shitole in Amsterdam

Can you tell us about your current role and project?

Currently, I’m working as a Quality Assurance Consultant for an Azure based project that supports research for medical universities in the Netherlands. The product provides secure work spaces for storing, processing, and collaborating on data while maintaining confidentiality and integrity. My primary focus is ensuring the quality of deliverables by utilizing a variety of testing methodologies, including functional, automation, API, and Accessibility testing. Recently, I’ve taken on an additional responsibility in the Core support team, where I help customers with their issues and assist with platform setup. 

How did you come to know about Rapid Circle?

I was referred to Rapid Circle by a former colleague, and upon visiting the office for an interview, I was immediately impressed by the open office concept. Prior to joining, I was working in the banking domain and was exploring to expand my horizons. Reflecting back in the past decade, I can confidently say that joining Rapid Circle is one of the best decisions I have made in my career.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome?

During the initial stages of my tenure, I was introduced to new Microsoft Platforms including SharePoint and Azure. Coming from a different background, this was completely new experience for me, and I found it exhilarating to learn about these new domains. The rock-solid support from the project teams helped me to quickly pace up with the necessary knowledge and skills. Despite being the sole Quality Assurance professional in Rapid Circle at one point and to mentoring new talent who aspired to refine their QA skills, I was able to efficiently manage everything due to the exceptional support displayed by the RC team. 

How different of a person you are now as compared to when you joined?

I have experienced significant personal and professional growth over time. Professionally, I have had the privilege to contribute to numerous projects, including RC products such as Instant Intranet, Leap ALM, Leap ID & Leap DNA, a range of automation and API testing tools, and various platforms. Recently, I also had the chance to delve into the realm of accessibility testing. As a result, I have gained immense confidence in my abilities as a QA consultant and have a clear vision of my career aspirations. 

Personally, I have experienced an increased sense of contentment and efficiency in managing my tasks and responsibilities. 

Can you recall some of your best memories working here? 

 There are numerous memorable experiences from my time at Rapid Circle, but a few stand out. One such experience was my first team day at Alibaug, annual team outings are always fun. Then there’s playing carrom in the carrom tournament, multiple events at Rapid Circle office and Friday lunches. 

What do you aim to achieve now (technology-wise, other skills etc)? 

My objective is to broaden my knowledge and proficiency in Azure solutions, which will not only enhance my capabilities as a QA professional, but also enable me to effectively address customer issues in my role within Core Support Team. Furthermore, I plan to leverage my extensive knowledge to help the team with managing Azure DevOps in our current project. 

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