Celebrating 5 years with Aalok Singh

Rapid Circle congratulates Aalok Singh on his fifth work anniversary. When Aalok joined in 2018, he already was popular on GIT community for his utility built on Github. A proud voluntary-drop-out graduate, Aalok fit with RC like a glove. His focus, talent and quick grasping of new technologies got him working and successfully delivering a cutting-edge, blockchain based project. Having a great sense of humor, receptive and respectful to different concepts/ideas and as highly accountable, Aalok makes a perfect team member one could wish.

Here’s Aalok on his journey with Rapid Circle so far and what makes him stay #aheadofthecurve and #trustedtodeliver:

Can you tell us about your current role and project?

I’m working as a cloud consultant in the Azure team. I’m currently working for a customer in the construction sector, helping them navigate creating a digital asset for a 11 billion AUD large construction project in Melbourne. This digital asset will be hosted on Azure cloud and will involve exciting areas such as Digital Twin, IoT, data engineering and so on.

How did you come to know about Rapid Circle?

My good friend Sanket Ghorpade joined Rapid Circle and that’s how I got to know of it. At the time I was employed with a product based startup but I was quite attracted to the kind of people they had at RC and really wanted to work with them. I was a dotnet developer and RC worked primarily with Microsoft technologies so that was a plus. The decision to make the switch was a no brainer.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome it?

Challenges were the most fun part in these 5 years. Every challenge was also an opportunity to work on something exciting. In 2018, I worked on implementing flight miles on the Ethereum blockchain. I got to get my hands dirty from bare bones Kubernetes cluster all the way to full blown cloud infrastructure in Azure and AWS. All of these projects involved learning on the go. Supportive colleagues and an environment of encouragement helped me navigate through different challenges easily.

How different of a person you are now as compared to when you joined?

I am much different today, personally and professionally. Professionally I am more confident in my skills as a consultant. I have a clear roadmap of where I want to be and I have great role models to look up to. Coming to personal life, I am way more healthy today than in 2018. I was underweight, didn’t eat healthy, no exercise either. Work life balance in RC has given me time to focus on my health and discover a new hobby, strength training. I believe one should be able to distinguish themselves from 5 years ago from them today. If you are the same person today that you were 5 years ago, that means you haven’t evolved, and that’s not good.

Can you recall some of your best memories working here?

There are countless memories so I’ll just list all that come to mind. Playing Age of Empires, Catan, eating out at restaurants every night (it was a phase), late night jamming sessions, various team outings, events in Pune office, table tennis tournament. I can go on and on.

What do you aim to achieve now (technology-wise, other skills etc)?

My aim is to get better at designing end to end solutions on Azure. An understanding of different aspects like networking, governance, security, compliance is needed to be able to design end to end solutions.

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