Celebrating a Decade with Dipesh Bhanani

Dipesh Bhanani completed ten years in August 2021 working at Rapid Circle India. Better known as a perfectionist, Dipesh is a thorough consultant who has a deep understanding of business problems and comes with an appropriate and detailed solution for every customer he has worked with. Here is more from him about his journey of ten years as a Consultant and Fellow.  

What is your current role and which project you are working on? 
I’m currently working for two different clients across different geographies. For the USA client, I work as a Software Consultant and as a Modern Workplace Architect for UK client.  

How has your job changed over the years? 
At Rapid Circle, I started to work with a product-based company and helped them to build the product from its inception. There I had the chance to experience all the stages of Product development. Recently I have started working with service-based companies and providing architecture consulting as well as supporting them with implementation and collaborating with teams across different geographies. 

What is the favourite part of your job? 
Providing strategic business-oriented solutions and resolving complex issues for the clients to make them feel stress-free. 

What were your initial thoughts when joining RC?
If I look back, I think the barrier-free transparent culture and team of passionate people around encouraged me to join Rapid Circle (Then Zevenseas). And I’m glad to say that it continued over the years. I have experienced discipline, professionalism, team collaboration, trust, equality, and transparency throughout my 10 years journey at Rapid Circle. 

What was your most challenging project so far? What were your takeaways? 
It was way back in past when I was working on building custom authentication providers on top of SharePoint. It’s very tricky how SharePoint augments claims while authentication. The authentication is managed by two different processes, one by your web application and another by security token service. Both plays important roles in executing your code. It’s very important to understand which claim provider methods are used by each process and for what purpose. There was little or no proper documentation that existed at the time and I had to understand every aspect of it by debugging through each step of authentication. The joy that brings when the user is authenticated correctly by your own claim provider is unmatched. I always loved working on claim providers for SharePoint. 

What has been your biggest success/achievement? 
Awarded Fellow* at Rapid Circle. 

 *Fellow is an honorary title, bestowed upon very few team members. It is earned through the application of dedication, technical excellence, and customer focus, over a sustained period of time. 

How different of a person you are now, compared to when you joined? 
It has been a long journey with Rapid Circle, but I can’t express how time passed by. At Rapid Circle, I have learnt to be an independent consultant as well as lead and mentor teams. 

How different of a company RC is now, compared to when you joined? 
I don’t see much difference but on positive side, it has expanded. I see more opportunities to work with people from different geographies and cultures. 

What are your best memories associated with Rapid Circle? 
Rapid Circle sponsored my trip to SharePoint Conference at Las Vegas in 2014 which was the best memory I could recollect. There are so many other fun-loving moments I spent with Rapid Circle family, especially Team Days over the years. A Goa trip with Rapid Circle folks in the early days is imprinted for lifetime. 

What do you aim to achieve now (technology-wise, other skills etc.)? 
I would like to architect solutions for business and help organization across projects with consistent governance and best practices. In short, I would like to be a part of Center of Excellence team. 

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