Chandani Prajapati: First woman MVP of Rapid Circle India

Can’t keep calm because we have our second MVP (Office Development) from RC India- Chandani Prajapati!

Here’s more on Shrikant’s journey as he leads by example on values of Rapid Circle; People Making Impact and Trusted to Deliver:

For Chandani, who started her career in 2017 as a SharePoint trainee, the SharePoint world was quite overwhelming. As she got more hold of the technology, it was in 2021 that she first took to blogging on her personal website. She soon started contributing to SPFx libraries and after few peer-reviews, she ended up becoming the maintainer. There was no looking back from there on. Attending PnP calls, writing blogs on Microsoft 365 PnP community, to becoming C# corner MVP in April 2020, Chandani had already come a long way. She firmly believes that meeting several MVPs and talented people on the way and through consistent community contribution made this achievement possible.

Some of her important community contributions:

  1. Maintainer of SPFx yeoman generator
  2. Contribution on PnP webpart samples and PnP script samples
  3. C# corner MVP in April 2020
  4. Badges earned: M365 Platform Community- Community Contributor 2021, 2022, PnP Maintainer 2021, Blog Author 2022

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