Digital Assessments? Easily done with the cloud assessment environment

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The beauty of workplaces managed in the cloud is that they are continuously updated. This has major advantages for both employees and ICT managers, such as extra functionalities, improvements in the interface and in use, integration options and much more.

Why an assessment environment in the cloud?

Many educational institutions administer tests to students in test rooms with large numbers of computers. These computers contain all the apps required for all kinds of tests, such as design programs and programming environments. It is complex, time-consuming and costly for administrators to keep all those computers up-to-date, secure and identical. Lecturers have little influence on how and when they can test students. They have to wait for the availability of a test room or the help of the ICT department. Moreover, students do not like to work on the computers at school, because the work is cluttered by the many irrelevant applications and they are often outdated and slow.

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