Global Microsoft Teams Hackathon Winner
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Maarten Visser, Robert Schouten and Shrusti Shah have won the Global Microsoft Teams hackathon!

Live patient review app: More efficient Multidisciplinary Consultations (MDT) in hospitals

Three of Rapid Circle’s Pioneers have built an app, called “Live Patient Review”, which makes a multidisciplinary consultation (MDT) a lot more efficient

During an MDO, a predetermined group of patients are discussed. Decisions are made about adjustments in medication, follow-up operations and discharge of the patients.

An MDT can last several hours, with sometimes more than 10 medical specialists and other parties present. One of the challenges faced by this meeting is that attendees regularly have to leave the meeting due to emergency calls.

New possibilities with the patient review app

With this Microsoft Teams application we create several new possibilities. For example, the application offers the option for all parties involved to jointly determine the order of the patients to be discussed. During the MDO you can adjust the order during the Teams meeting if a specialist has to leave unexpectedly. In addition, the application offers the possibility to temporarily leave the meeting in case of an emergency. While a specialist is on his way to the emergency incident, you can listen in via Microsoft Teams on your smartphone, provide verbal feedback and immediately record the feedback and link it to a patient.

Easy file sharing and real-time collaboration

But that’s not all! With this app you can also share files, such as x-rays, before and during the MDO. During a meeting in a physical room, these files can easily be displayed on a screen, and everyone involved can provide feedback on the file using a laptop by means of annotations. The team is excited about the concept of ‘real-time co-authoring’ where several people work on the file at the same time and it is clearly visible who makes what additions. This could be an absolute game changer.

Save precious time

If an MDT consultation uses this tool in addition to the existing tools, we expect that a lot of valuable time can be saved. A meeting cannot achieve its intended objectives when someone is (temporarily) absent. Moreover, we are convinced that the possibility of co-authoring and annotation (Microsoft Teams LiveShare) offers new possibilities to gain insights faster during a meeting.

Available for free

People making impact is one of our core values for a reason. We like to make the difference. With this app we are convinced that we can bring about a positive change in hospitals. That is why we offer the software of the ‘Live Patient Review App’ for free.


Do you want more information about the app? Are you curious whether you can use this for your organisation and what the benefits are? Schedule an inspiration session with one of the winners, Maarten Visser.

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