How to add an adaptive card to your Viva Connections dashboard

Let’s take a deep dive into Setting Up of Viva Connections Dashboard and how you can add out of the box adaptive card extension to your site.


1. Create a SharePoint Home Site; If you don’t have a SharePoint Home Site, Navigate to SharePoint Admin Centre > Settings

Fig 1.1: SharePoint Home Site Option

2. Click on the SharePoint Home Site option,  a panel will open where you will be asked to add your communication site URL which you want to convert to Home Site.

Note: Make sure you have global left navigation enabled in your communication site

3. Voila, in few minutes your communication site will convert to Home site. Isn’t this amazing!

4. Now, navigate to your Home site > Home site settings. Her you will see the option to set up your Viva Connections Dashboard as shown in Fig 1.2.

Fig 1.2: Viva Connection Dashboard options.

5. Click on Set up Viva Connections > Create a Dashboard. Once you create a Dashboard you will be landed to a screen as shown in Fig 1.3.

Fig 1.3 Create dashboard

6. From Fig 1.3, notice that by default mobile screen view is selected, you can change it to desktop to preview.


1. Click on Add a Card button and explore all the out of the box options available for you. Just like shown in Fig 1.4, You will see Approvals, Assigned Tasks, Shifts, Teams app, Web Link.

Fig 1.4: Add a card OTB options

2. Start by adding an Approvals card, As shown in Fig 1.5, user will be able to keep a track of all the approval requests right here in one place, User can select the card type from small, medium, or large option and also target this to specific audience by adding a user/group in the property pane.

Fig 1.5: Approval card options


3. Let’s add Assigned Tasks card, As shown in the Fig 1.6, This card will display a preview of top Planner tasks from “Assigned to me” list in the Tasks app in Teams. Also, Open button will redirect to the assigned task.

Fig 1.6: Assigned Task card

4. Let’s add Teams App card, As shown in Fig 1.7, For Teams app card, user can select from a range of application shown in dropdown and can target it to a specific audience. You can give a valid title and description to your selected app like shown in Fig 1.8.

Fig 1.7: Teams App card
Fig 1.8: Name and description options in Teams App card

5. Let’s add a Web Link card, As shown in Fig 1.9 you can add the link, title, description and a thumbnail and card images. Here you will be able to select your target audience.

Fig 1.9: Web link card

P.S. Don’t forget to publish your dashboard page once you are done.

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