Meet new fellow of RC: Madhuri Kudekar

Rapid Circle takes immense pride in announcing Madhuri Kudekar as new Fellow. Madhuri was referred by our colleague, Aditi (a Fellow too), for her impressive career then far. A gold medalist in MBA from a prestigious college, Madhuri has exhibited leadership qualities from the start of her career. Her excellent People handling skills and sharp grasping of any complex situation makes her special for any team. 

Madhuri started as a Scrum Master for our internal product and within very short time, she had a complete control and thorough knowledge of the product. While managing another product, Madhuri got introduced to Microsoft PowerBI. Again in no time, Madhuri was writing complex queries not only for our products but also for other services projects like an expert. Playing the role of scrum master for one of our large-scale customers with complex requirements and geographically distributed teams across the globe was undoubtedly her most celebrated project. Having successfully played multiple roles within RC, Madhuri is now playing a crucial role of an Integrator where she is primarily responsible for making the organization function efficiently by helping teams in overcoming key business challenges, moving healthily with Entrepreneurs Operating System model of working. 

Read on to know how Madhuri lives by Rapid Circle’s core values of #PeopleMakingImpact and #TrustedToDeliver:

Fellow Madhuri
Omkar Khair

What are you working on currently?

Currently I am working on implementing the “Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)” for Rapid Circle India. This will give us a well-defined structure where people can grow, feel more fulfilled in their work and achieve personal goals. With that I would continue ensuring success for all our customers by primarily taking care of all customer engagements being done from Rapid Circle India. 

What is the most favourite part of your job?

People. One word and it covers it all. I love working with people, understanding them, their approaches, helping them and having fun while we deliver high quality, complex projects. 

What was your most challenging project so far? What were the take-aways? 

Though all projects have had their share of challenges, the most challenging project was where we implemented a HR Portal for more than 85000 users in 5 phases. In the two-year long project right from user research, to implementation and release, we were able to develop a One Team approach. Some of the key take-aways, 

  1. Always look at the bigger picture – Success of the organization/team is more important than an individual project 
  2. One team – Success comes from working as a team with a common goal, where things like time zones, location, workstyles are easily overcome. 
  3. People before processes – One of the Agile principles which helped us get through the tough times during the pandemic 

How has your job/responsibilities changed over the years working at Rapid Circle?

When I started at Rapid Circle, we were not able to put down a job description on paper so it all started with exploring every aspect and opportunity that came along. From starting with internal product development teams, pre-sales, estimations to executing full-fledged projects for Rapid Circle I moved on to working for clients and implementing projects in the role of scrum master. With all this I have stayed connected and involved in all organizational activities from Council of Mentors, Recruitment, Implementing processes or having fun in cultural events. Could not have thought of a better learning curve and growth in my role. 

What are your best memories working here?

There are just so many of them. Have enjoyed being a part of Rapid Circle, whether it was my first Team Day (the same week as I joined), or every following annual Team Days, visit to our NL office, carpool rides, evenings of playing Catan/Mafia/Carrom/TT in office, late lunches, dinners or sharing a simple cup of coffee over the desk. The best one would definitely be the day I became “Fellow”.

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