Meet new fellow of RC: Vipul Kelkar

Vipul Kelkar, a Cloud Consultant and now a Fellow is with Rapid Circle since 2017. With an expertise of over twelve years in Microsoft cloud technologies, Vipul not only designs and develops solutions, but above all is a great consultant and a born-leader. He goes beyond his comfort zone to provide innovative solutions to the customers. Even in turbulent environments, Vipul with his ace consulting skills, has always ensured smooth ongoings of deliveries and keeping his team on track. With him by their sides, both, customers and team members are always happy.  

Read on to know more about Vipul’s journey in Rapid Circle and his commitment to “Trusted to Deliver” and “Better Together”: 

Fellow Vipul

What are you working on currently? .

I am currently working on building Web APIs and Process Automations on top of Microsoft Azure PaaS services, various aspects of Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Graph APIs, Azure DevOps and more. 

What is the most favourite part of your job?

IBeing hands-on on the technology stack I get to work with and continuously learn from my colleagues. 

What was your most challenging project so far? What were the take-aways? 

One of the key take-aways from my current assignment is to plan ahead for Scale, Availability and Failover irrespective of the size or business value of a solution.

How has your job/responsibilities changed over the years working at Rapid Circle?

I joined Rapid Circle as a SharePoint consultant. Over the years, as every modern SharePoint developer has, I had to gradually adapt, learn and combine different facets of the ever-expanding Microsoft Cloud landscape to build solutions that provide value to our Clients. 

What are your best memories working here?

It’s difficult to mention one. I usually like the Christmas-New Year vibes in the Office- close to the holidays when the Teams gather, socialize and have a good time. 

How would you summarise your journey with Rapid Circle? 

My journey with Rapid Circle has been fulfilling. I have got the opportunity to work on some really interesting projects, solve challenging problems and work with wonderful colleagues who are really good at what they do. 

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