Meet Sid Kothari, Rapid Circle’s client technology partner…
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Sid had quite the first week when he started at the end of August! Thrown into the midst of it all with an intensive three-day strategy session with our Sales and Delivery team where we worked on the most effective way to move forward and deliver ‘what’s next’ for our customers.

He joins Rapid Circle in the Technical presale capability with 17+ years of experience working with several clients and a range of projects primarily around Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, and custom Business Apps Solutions.

In his previous roles he worked at NTT for almost a decade as a Principal Consultant in the Productivity team which primarily focused on collaboration. Andrew Fix and Sid met through an engagement at DJPR, where Rapid Circle was also involved in the project delivery. Several months of talks led to Sid finding a job with Rapid Circle’s Technical Presales team.

When not working, Sid has his hands-full as a father of twin boys – just shy of 3 years old. Sid also loves playing and watching tennis and has an occasional penchant for photography. He is also a foodie and loves to travel.

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