Online workshop: Citizen development in practice: This is how Power Platform enchants your old legacy applications

This event is in dutch.

In the dead of afternoon, in a seemingly ordinary office building, a mysterious figure embarked on a sinister mission: to enchant unsuspecting employees, who, to their surprise, would develop extraordinary powers the next day. Within one afternoon, they learned to transform outdated systems into hypermodern, efficient tools.

This happens on Halloween during Digital Skills Week. During this session, you’ll discover the power of the Power Platform. We regularly preach that anyone can get started with this platform, but for many employees, it can seem overwhelming. During this workshop, everyone can learn how, using Low-Code and No-Code, you can transform cumbersome applications (from SAP or AFAS, for example) into a modern look and make them more user-friendly.

Do you dare to be enchanted? Then join this session and learn how to transform old, cumbersome software into fast, flexible, and customised solutions without reinventing the wheel. (see example below)

🗓️ Date: October 31
🕒 Time: 13:00
📍 Location: online

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Speakers & host

Iona Varga

principal consultant

Rik de Koning

principal consultant