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The double stroke of Gelre Hospital

“Gelre Ziekenhuizen” is the first hospital organization in the Netherlands to have placed the EPD (Electronic Patient Dossier) in the cloud. This is already an exciting innovation step. But it even combined it with the simultaneous transition to a new EPD.

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Document control system for Porthos: How improved collaboration brings carbon capture closer

Every once in a while, a project comes along that you’re especially proud of. The Document Management System (DMS) for Porthos is such a project. By advising on the construction of a system that ensures hundreds of people in a complex collaborative network always have the correct version of the thousands of documents they use every day, we’re helping the Netherlands meet its climate goals.

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Online meeting place for ProRail

When office workers are forced to work from home, the connection with colleagues and the familiar work environment is lost. ProRail wanted to create a sense of connection and approached Rapid Circle with the following question: create a visual digital model of ‘De Inktpot’ (the Digital Inkpot), ProRail’s headquarters, in a very limited time and with a limited budget. A place where colleagues can meet each other. We were immediately enthusiastic. But we also seriously wondered if it was technically possible…

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Security QuickScan for War Child

July 5, 2021 WORKING TOGETHER TO OPTIMISE MICROSOFT 365’S GLOBAL SECURITY. Measuring the maturity of your cloud security in one overview. That’s what War Child did with the security QuickScan from Rapid Circle and Microsoft. Children are stronger than war. That’s what War Child believes. That’s why they work every day to give children what …

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How Power Apps help KLM with employee onboarding

The next time you board a plane operated by our Royal Dutch Airlines, consider that it is not just the crew that ensures you arrive safely, comfortably, and on time at your destination. The fast-growing maintenance organisation is essential to KLM’s operations. This is a special customer case from the time of the former Portiva about their collaboration with KLM.

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Mammoet’s Improved Datacentre Performance, Lower Latency and Cost Reduction

CHALLENGE Mammoet has datacenters at multiple locations worldwide to support their businesses and operations all over the world and at remote locations. Bandwidth and latency challenges made them pick their locations with care. With the Microsoft cloud becoming more and more ready to support worldwide scenario’s with technologies like ‘Multi-Geo’ and others, Mammoet and Rapid …

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Amsterdam UMC lays the foundation for innovation and a new workspace, with Microsoft 365

In June 2018, AMC and VUmc formed an alliance to continue together as the largest Dutch hospital: Amsterdam UMC. During this alliance, the ICT Department was tasked with integrating the ICT landscapes of both AMC and VUmc, including office automation (the workplace). Amsterdam UMC laid the foundation for this by setting up Microsoft 365 with …

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