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Multinational Conglomerate’s Microsoft Viva Pilot Takes Off

The 21st century is underpinned by our ability to communicate 24/7.
Little do we know; our modern devices like phones, tablets, and laptops are often kept connected by ageing telecommunication infrastructure, in which few are experts. What happens when they retire?

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Gelre ziekenhuizen first hospital to move Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to the cloud

Gelre ziekenhuizen is ready for the future of healthcare. A cloud workplace, a data platform and an electronic patient file on Microsoft Azure help Gelre to become a data-driven hospital that is ready for more collaboration with other healthcare providers, keeping healthcare affordable and preventive care. Gelre managed this ambitious transformation together with Rapid Circle, …

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The double stroke of Gelre Hospital

“Gelre Ziekenhuizen” is the first hospital organization in the Netherlands to have placed the EPD (Electronic Patient Dossier) in the cloud. This is already an exciting innovation step. But it even combined it with the simultaneous transition to a new EPD.

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Document control system for Porthos: How improved collaboration brings carbon capture closer

Every once in a while, a project comes along that you’re especially proud of. The Document Management System (DMS) for Porthos is such a project. By advising on the construction of a system that ensures hundreds of people in a complex collaborative network always have the correct version of the thousands of documents they use every day, we’re helping the Netherlands meet its climate goals.