Rapid Circle achieves Microsoft’s Low Code Application Development specialization

We are proud and enlightened to share that Rapid Circle has achieved an important milestone: We received Microsoft’s Low Code Application Development specialization. This award recognizes our devotion, our drive for innovation and our striving towards creating high quality solutions for healthcare, education and the manufacturers of this world. 

One step forward towards technological  

The Low Code Application Development specialization is a recognition of our expertise in leveraging Microsoft’s advanced technologies for low-code development. This award tells we can build faster and more efficient solutions, while maintaining the highest possible quality and security in our development as we would do in traditional development. Low-Code provides us a better way to satisfy the needs of development across all sectors, and adjust our way-of-working to continuously changing demand of the modern world. 


As Rapid Circle, we are aware of the needs of modern, intuitive and fast solutions. The Low Code Application Development specialization allows us to refine our technology kit and adjust it to the needs of our dynamic clients. We keep on investing in low-code and understanding the needs and expectations with which we assure our products and services live up our clients’ unique demands. 

Future-oriented mindset 

Microsoft’s recognition is proof we have a mindset oriented to the future, and are continuously striving for new innovations. We believe that technology is a powerful tool to not only transform our world but also positively improve it. With this special award, we’re dedicated to develop even more solutions that will help our clients achieve their goals. 

A big thanks to all our clients and partners 

We’d wish to thank all our clients and partners for their ongoing support and collaboration. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve this. We look forward to continue our pioneering journey, on which we continue to break boundaries together, and make a lasting, positive impact on the way our clients will work. 

Together towards a better future  

With this specialization in our hands, we are determined to continue our mission to make a positive impact that lasts. We believe in power of technology, to make these positive changes, and we are delighted to continue, together with you, building a better and brighter future. 

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