Rapid Circle nominated for The Computable Awards 2023

A leap into the future of healthcare! We are proud to announce that we have been nominated for the Computable Awards 2023. The ICT trade title Computable, has recognised us for our achievements in the Partner Project category.

This nomination is due to our work in collaboration with Gelre Hospitals, ChipSoft, Microsoft and KPMG. Together, we moved Gelre hospitals’ Electronic Patient Record (EHR) to the cloud, and we also combined this with a seamless transition to a new EHR.

What’s behind this nomination?

A panel of 27 experts from Computable carefully assessed no fewer than 36 nominations in the Partner Project category. Their judgment formed the basis for the final nominees, chosen by the main jury of the Computable Awards 2023. During the selection process, criteria such as complexity/risk, added value, originality/innovative strength and the role of the vendor were analysed. The winner will be announced in an award ceremony on the 30th of October.

Revolutionary step: Gelre hospitals puts EPD in the cloud

Traditionally, hospitals have been heavily focused on the EHR, but the need to be more platform-oriented and share applications and data is growing. Hospitals realise they need to revamp the foundation of their EHR to take advantage of these new technologies and share data securely and efficiently. The move to the cloud is an essential first step.

Gelre hospitals, pioneering in the Netherlands, was the first hospital organisation ever to move its Electronic Patient Record (EHR) into the cloud. An innovative leap forward in itself. Gelre hospitals also went one step further by combining this migration with a smooth transition to an entirely new EHR. After thorough market research in cooperation with KPMG, the choice fell on Microsoft Azure as the leading provider of cloud services and infrastructure.

“It was a bold decision for Gelre hospitals because there were no other hospitals to serve as an example. “We looked at what is happening in other sectors in this area. Security and a high level of continuity were essential elements in our decision making. Shutting down operating rooms and clinics and not being able to operate the ambulance service due to downtime was a real risk we kept in mind.”

Han Van der Zee, CIO at Gelre Hospitals

Vote for Rapid Circle for the Computable Awards 2023

With a vote for us, you are voting for the future of healthcare. Our collaborative project with Gelre hospitals, ChipSoft, Microsoft and KPMG shows that we are constantly setting new standards in healthcare. Indeed, our efforts have not only helped Gelre hospitals move their EHR to the cloud, but have also paved the way for hospitals’ transformation to a more platform-centric work environment.

If you vote for us, you are supporting a team that has pushed the boundaries of innovation and is helping the healthcare industry manage patient data more securely, efficiently and effectively.

Together, we can revolutionise healthcare.

Voting can be done by using the button below:

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