Teams roll out accelerated?

This white paper teaches you how to...

  • work on effective knowledge sharing and social connection
  • integrate Teams with the rest of your IT landscape
  • set up security and compliance in your Teams environment
  • encourage self-reliance and ownership
  • use the Digital Workplace Maturity Model for adoption of Teams

Take steps towards full adoption now!

When everyone suddenly had to work from home, you may have accelerated the transition to Microsoft Teams. In this white paper you will learn what your next step should be and how to grow your Teams environment into a mature digital workplace.
To keep Teams safe and manageable, technology, process and people must be aligned and grow together. This way you work on full, safe and effective deployment of Teams.

This case study is currently only available in Dutch, please let us know if you’d like access to an English version.

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Wilco Turnhout

Chief Commercial Officer

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