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We're entering a new era of work with Copilot. Is your organisation ready to apply AI every day?

In a recent study published by Harvard Business School, knowledge or information workers using Large Language Models were able to:

  • Do more:  In fact, 12.2% more than on average,
  • Faster:  Tasks were completed requiring 25.1% less time,
  • With higher quality:  Work that was produced with the support of Large Language models was approximately 40% better than work created by those without Large Language Models and AI supporting them. 

We are in the infancy of using AI, but we already know that AI is going to change the future of work. While many of us have experimented with consumer grade AI, we are on the cusp of seeing AI infused into our day to day work, and it’s productivity potential.  

The results from the early adopters of Microsoft Copilot are impressive.  At Rapid Circle we have supported organisations to unlock the value of Microsoft’s Copilot early access program.  To create an impact with the power of AI across their workforce.

What have we learned so far?  You can’t just buy and assign a Copilot license and hope for the best.  

You need to balance strong governance and security practices across your Microsoft Cloud investment, with attention towards your people to help them on their journey uncover the latent opportunities in front of them.  

Our Microsoft 365 Copilot offers help you do just that.

Ready to amplify the impact of your workforce, by giving them the opportunity to do more, faster, with higher quality?  Microsoft Copilot is here to help you and your workforce achieve what’s next.

We have three offers available to help you lift off on your AI And Copilot journey: 

Microsoft Copilot helps you to:
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Amplify the impact of your workforce, by giving them the opportunity to do more, faster, with higher quality?  

Microsoft Copilot and Rapid Circle is here to help you and your workforce achieve what’s next.

Are you ready for Copilot?

Let's work together to help you unleash the power of your everday AI companion

Microsoft 365 Copilot Explorer

Get curious
AUD $ 7,410
ex GST
  • Showcase what is possible with Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • Explore your readiness for Copilot with high level guidance
  • Simple recommendations and roadmap report

Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness

Get ready & plan for success
AUD $ 25,000
ex GST
  • Strategy for using Copilot to improve productivity & creativity
  • Deep-dive sessions to assess information security, technical readiness and tailored adoption approach
  • Detailed recommendations & roadmap report

Microsoft 365 Copilot Accelerator

Bring Copilot to life
AUD $ 85,000
ex GST
  • 12-week project to successfully implement Microsoft 365 Copilot for 300 people
  • Strategy, information security, and technical workshops to prepare for roll-out
  • Early adopter program with up to 50 champions leading into a comprehensive change program for the remaining 250 people
Let's see how Copilot can empower your people to achieve more
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Maarten Eekels

Global Solution Area Director - Data & AI (NL/EU)

Andrew Fix

Andrew Fix

Global Solution Area Director - Modern Work Collaboration (AU/NZ)

Microsoft Copilot The 4 key benefits

Copilot utilises AI capabilities to streamline workflows, offer productivity suggestions, and automate routine tasks. This empowers users to concentrate on high-value tasks, ultimately accomplishing more within shorter time frames.

By providing an initial draft that users can edit and enhance, Copilot fosters creativity. This functionality not only saves time but also nurtures creative thinking.

A novel feature in Microsoft 365 E3 and E5, the Semantic Index for Copilot acts as an advanced map of both user and company data. For instance, instead of merely searching for files with specific keywords, it comprehends contextual relationships.

Business Chat seamlessly operates across the LLM, Microsoft 365 apps, and user data (calendar, emails, chats, documents, meetings, and contacts), enabling novel capabilities.

Users can provide natural language prompts, such as “tell my team how we updated the product strategy,” and it will generate a status update based on that day’s morning meetings, emails, and chat threads, offering functionalities that were previously unavailable.

Ready to unlock the power of Copilot?

At Rapid Circle, we leverage Microsoft AI's suite of powerful technologies to revolutionise industries and solving complex problems.

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant created by Microsoft that provides real-time intelligent assistance to users, enabling them to enhance their creativity, productivity, and skills.

Copilot combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your organisation’s data to turn your words into one of the most powerful productivity tools on the planet.

There are several variations of Copilot including integrations with Power Platform, Viva and Security. For most of your people, Microsoft 365 Copilot is their AI companion, working along side Apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more.

With so much unlimited potential, the question is, when is your organisation going to start using Copilot? 

“It was good to see the results of the assessment and to determine the priorities together with Rapid Circle. Rapid Circle and Microsoft have a more holistic approach to cybersecurity which was really appealing to us. A holistic view enables us to see relationships between incidents better and be one step ahead of attackers.”


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