Webinar Employee Experience: A mysterious journey of discovery

This event is part of the digital skills week.

Enter the dark depths of organisations, where a mysterious treasure lies hidden: the key to retaining your subject matter experts and attracting new talent. During Digital Skills Week, we invite only the bravest adventurers to explore with us.

Let us give you a glimpse behind the Corpse Bride veil: a pleasant and inspiring workplace, steeped in personal growth, is essential for empowering your employees. But that’s not all! Your employees also want a place where they fit within the culture and can work with the latest technology. Consider opportunities for skill development, contributions to organisational goals, and an environment where job satisfaction is central.

Technology can be the driving force behind improving the Employee Experience (EX). It strengthens growth and development, keeps a finger on the pulse of job satisfaction, and provides tools with which employees can focus better.

On Tuesday, October 31 at 9 am, we invite you to an enchanting webinar with Kat Olsen, our guide in this exciting adventure. She’ll show you what tools you need to unravel the mystery surrounding Employee Experience. Do you dare to join us?

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Speakers & host

Kat Olsen

Principal Consultant

Maarten Eekels

Chief Technology Officer