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Rapid Circle is thrilled to announce the addition of Satish, a seasoned and accomplished senior cloud engineer, to our team as of January. Hailing from the tech-savvy southern region of India, Satish’s interest in the field led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His move to Australia in 2009 not only provided him with new opportunities but also deepened his passion for technology, ultimately leading him to a Master’s degree in Information Technology, where he honed and solidified his expertise in the field.

With extensive experience in voice engineering, Satish has made significant contributions to the development and enhancement of voice capabilities at MyNetFone and Vonex as a Senior Voice Engineer. Committed to delivering a superior customer experience, Satish played a key role in quality assurance for the newly integrated product lines, including handsets and ATA adapters, ensuring that all products met the highest standards before they were dispatched to customers. He was also responsible for thoroughly testing the code to ensure its functionality.

He has extensive experience in managing different PBX systems and SIP Trunks, managing complex migration projects, particularly in the aftermath of mergers. His role requires collaboration with various departments, providing him with a hands-on understanding of the process, from presales interviews and investigations, making his role a comprehensive one.

Satish was drawn to Rapid Circle due to its prestigious Microsoft Gold Partner status and the opportunities it presented. “Rapid Circle’s got a good partnership program with Microsoft and the type of software tools and services that provides customer with a complete Microsoft ecosystem.”

In his spare time, Satish indulges in his passion for technology and entertainment by keeping up with the latest industry news and immersing himself in his favourite movies, particularly those in the realm of science fiction and the Marvel Studios and DC universes.

In addition to his love of technology and entertainment, Satish places a strong emphasis on staying fit and healthy. As a father of two young children, ages 5 and 1 1/2, he often finds himself with limited free time, but he makes the most of it by engaging in calisthenics which is his way of balancing his busy life and staying in shape.

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