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With rising costs throughout the industry, what's the best toolkit to help you run your business, while navigating ongoing volatility?

With the investment in industry centered tech doubling in the last decade, it’s clear that there’s strong interest for the industry to take advantage of newer construction-centric technologies, which focus on them being easy to use, deploy and access while on a job site and improve productivity from day one.

Having reliable software and infrastructure as the backbone of your organisation is crucial for success and survival, with downtime costing the manufacturing and construction industry an average of 800 hours per year. The tangible financial cost of downtime averages at $25k per incident and reaches up to an eyewatering $4.45 million AUD per hour, eating into profitability.

The ability to rely on your software enables you to innovate, streamline operations and drive productivity. At Rapid Circle, we leverage Microsoft’s tried and trusted, powerful suite of cloud-based solutions to help you get you where you want to be now, and prepare you for what’s next.

Let's work together to
Let's see how we can transform manufacturing together

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Customer Relationship Manager (AU/NZ)

Challenges we can overcome together

The manufacturing industry is often characterised by complex and global supply chains. To effectively manage these supply chains, manufacturers and those that rely on them, need tools that can help them visualise and track their inventory, orders, and shipments. Cloud-based solutions can help the industry streamline supply chain management and reduce lead times. 

Often, industries that thrive on disruption are also the most resistant to adopting cutting-edge technology. Even though many large construction firms manage internal R&D units, more than a third of employees say they’re reluctant to adopt new technology. Leveraging digital tools in the Microsoft suite, AI and machine learning can help manufacturers identify new product opportunities and optimise existing services and products. 

Complying with a range of regulations, such as environmental regulations and safety standards is non-negotiable and needs to be done to the highest standard to ensure that a project isn’t stalled. Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Compliance Manager can help manufacturers automate compliance processes and ensure that they are meeting regulatory requirements.

Ensuring high-quality solutions is critical in the manufacturing industry. Digital tools like predictive analytics help monitor product quality in real-time, identify potential issues before they occur, and take corrective action.

The manufacturing industry is increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks as hackers look for find ways to extort organisations at crucial points during large projects. Manufacturers must invest in robust cybersecurity solutions, such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication, to protect their sensitive data and intellectual property from cyber threats.

How can you take advantage of the cloud?

We want to help you become a data-driven construction and manufacturing leader, constantly driving innovation and efficiencies to stay ahead of the competition.   

You’ll be empowered to deliver services and products in record time, of the highest quality. All whilst operating in a secure way that supports compliance and protects your intellectual property, and built on a responsive, flexible infrastructure.

“It was good to see the results of the assessment and to determine the priorities together with Rapid Circle. Rapid Circle and Microsoft have a more holistic approach to cybersecurity which was really appealing to us. A holistic view enables us to see relationships between incidents better and be one step ahead of attackers.”



Let’s see how we can transform construction together

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