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How are you using technology to support the communities you serve?

Only 20% of councils are geared towards a digital future, and put simply, it’s time to future-proof your organisation. Consumer expectations for digital services skyrocketed when the world went into lockdown, and they still maintain a strong appetite for modern, digital services. Making it vital that government departments and local councils become more digitally efficient, effective, and responsive.

Your workforce is ready for change. In fact, 53% of public sector IT professionals said they cannot or were unsure if they could pinpoint problems because their systems were managed in silos.

At Rapid Circle, we understand the challenges that government and local councils face in approaching a digital transformation, while ensuring they continue to deliver quality services at scale.

Our Microsoft-powered solutions are designed to help you incorporate technology solutions that support your vision and strategy, while assisting you to deliver services that meet citizen needs while ensuring compliance and security.

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Wilco Turnhout

Co-Founder, Rapid Circle (NL/EU)


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Client Relationship Manager (AU/NZ)

Challenges we can overcome together

Today’s citizens expect more from their government and local councils, expecting easy access to information and services, personalised experiences, and prompt responses from government representatives.

Our Microsoft solutions help you improve your customer experiences, such as automating services, enabling citizen self-service, and providing more transparent and responsive communication. 

Government and local councils are held to a higher standard of compliance and security when it comes to handling citizen information.

Our solutions are built on Microsoft’s secure cloud infrastructure and include features such as multi-factor authentication and data encryption to ensure that the public’s information is protected from unauthorised access and breaches.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50% of government agencies will have modernised critical core legacy applications to improve resilience and agility. However, many government and local council organisations still rely on outdated legacy systems that are difficult to maintain and upgrade. Our solutions are built on Microsoft’s modern cloud infrastructure, which enables you to streamline your systems and operations and create a more agile and responsive organisation.

Despite lockdowns being over, many civil servants remain working from home as a preference, remaining productive and enjoying the hybrid flexibility benefits. Our solutions are designed to enable secure remote work, productivity collaboration, ensuring that government and local council employees can continue to provide quality services regardless of their physical location.

Government and local councils handle enormous amounts of data, and making sense of that data can be a significant challenge. Our solutions enable you to gather, analyse, and visualise data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions that improve your operations and services.

Government systems handle sensitive data and transactions, making them a prime target for cyber-attacks. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) received 23,976 data breaches in 2020, and over 20% of them came from the government. Therefore, it is crucial to constantly invest in robust cybersecurity solutions, such as multi-factor authentication and encryption, to protect data and transactions from unauthorised access and breaches.

Ready to create a more responsive, collaborative, efficient and citizen-led organisation?

Our vision is to help you create a more responsive, collaborative, efficient and citizen-centric government and local council organisation that is future-ready with proactive technology solutions.

We are committed to leveraging Microsoft’s cloud technology to deliver innovative solutions that enhance your services and operations, while ensuring compliance and security.

“The professionalism and dedication to our account has been exceptional. The Managed Security services has allowed us to proactively manage our Microsoft services and provide assurance to our organisation regarding the integrity of our Microsoft environment.”


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