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How should NFP's embrace technology to innovate and effectively deliver on their missions

NFPs were forced to rethink the way they engage with customers, staff and volunteers, with 81% of NPF’s reporting that they had to move at least part of their services online.

With 80% of NFP chief executives agreeing that digital upskilling has become a higher priority, it’s no surprise that they view technology as the key enabler to help them achieve their mission to make a positive impact in their communities.

At Rapid Circle, we have the proven Microsoft technology solutions to help you achieve your program outcomes. Enabling you to get to know your supporters better, secure donor and program participant data, and deliver better services to the people you serve.

Our Microsoft 365, Azure, and Power Platform empowered solutions are designed to support charities, community-based organisations, and non-profits like you.

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An Australian CEO Survey found that 100 percent of CEOs are concerned about cybersecurity. Alarmingly, cybersecurity training ranked low in the key skills NFP leaders are focusing on. A noteworthy observation is that nearly one-third of NFP (not-for-profit) leaders have not shown any inclination or have yet to make any strides towards implementing a cybersecurity and data privacy improvement program. This signifies a considerable void that must be addressed to fortify the sector’s security. Nonprofits hold sensitive data on program participants and donors, making it crucial to ensure you have a solid cyber security foundation in place, including multi-factor authentication, to protect your data, your reputation and your legacy. 

Nonprofit and charity organisations handle a lot of sensitive data, including donor information, program outcomes, and financial records. It’s crucial to ensure that this data is managed securely and in compliance with data privacy regulations. Technology solutions such as data management systems and cloud storage solutions can help you ensure data privacy and security.

Fundraising is a critical aspect of any not for profit with 71 percent of NFP CEOs say their funding models are being materially altered by digitisation, including in the diversification and sustainability of funding sources. With Dynamics and the Power Platform, we can help you streamline your fundraising efforts, and empower your to engage with donors more effectively.

Any organisation that relies on government funding knows the pain of tracking program outcomes, and impact reporting to donors and stakeholders. Leveraging the Microsoft Cloud to deliver program tracking and data analytics can help you measure and report on your program outcomes more effectively.

You impact doesn’t happen in the office. With dispersed teams, volunteers on the front lines, and partners you engage with regularly, it can be challenging to communicate effectively and collaborate on projects. With Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage, you can improve internal communication and create collaboration moments. 

Volunteers are the heart of the nonprofit community. However, managing your volunteer workforce can be challenging. Whether you are coordinating shifts to deliver your programs, or gearing up for your next donation drive, Microsoft technology such as Shifts, Microsoft Teams, and Planner can make organising your hardworking volunteer team, easier.

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We help nonprofit's achieve what's next. By creating more impact with the Microsoft Cloud.

We are here to empower you to deliver on your mission. We believe that technology can help you streamline your operations, engage deeper with donors, and maximise your program outcomes.

“The real added value of Rapid Circle is that they not only think along about the technical setup but also about how something lands within the organisation. And how we can explain it to users. This worked very well, for example, during the implementation of MFA."


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