From textbooks to TikTok tutorials, the education industry is no stranger to digital transformation.

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The physical classroom has evolved dramatically in the last century, modifying yearly to prepare students for the fast-paced labour market. The education sector has been able to adapt, thanks in part to leaning heavily into technology, however, this has had the knock-on impact of making the industry the NO.1 target for cyber-crime.

Over 60% of global cyber-attacks target educational institutions, however an average of only 5% of their IT budget goes to cybersecurity, significantly lower than the 25% average than other commercial industries.

With the education sector expected to grow by 11% over the next five years, it’s crucial that institutions are empowered by technology that supports and works for them, enabling them to focus on the work that matters.

Powered by Microsoft Cloud solutions, Rapid Circle can help you create a safe, engaging environment for teaching and learning with secure identities, apps, data, and devices.

Our solutions are designed to improve collaboration for both academic and professional staff, increase engagement with parents, industry, and other stakeholders, and provide educators with better insights to deliver student centred learning.

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Keeping students and educators engaged and motivated can be challenging. Technology solutions such as Microsoft Teams and OneNote can help educators create interactive, inclusive and engaging learning experiences that keep students involved and interested.

With enormous amounts of confidential student data and futures at stake, education institutions are prime targets for attacks and ransoms, with the most common being DDoS attacks, which can bring down an entire IT system. It’s crucial to constantly invest in robust cybersecurity solutions, such as multi-factor authentication and encryption, to protect data and transactions from unauthorised access and breaches.

Collaboration among students and educators is essential for effective learning. Microsoft technology solutions such as SharePoint and Teams provide the tools for seamless collaboration, allowing students and educators to work together in real-time, remotely or in person.

Educators need insights into student performance to provide effective support and interventions. The Power Platform suite can supply your administrations and educations with valuable insights into student progress, helping educators to make informed decisions about student centred learning and success.

Educational institutions handle a large amount of sensitive student and educator data that be protected. Microsoft solutions provide robust security and compliance features to ensure that data is secure and compliant with regulations such as GDPR and VPDSS.

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Future vision

Where we want to grow

Our vision is to help educational institutions become digital leaders in their industry, giving them large competitive advantages in an increasingly saturated market.

We believe that with the right technology solutions, schools, universities, and colleges focused on vocational learning can create an inclusive and engaging learning environment that supports student success.

Our Microsoft-powered solutions are designed to modernise education, providing educators with the tools and information they need to create better learning outcomes for students.

“Expertise and experience do not always go hand in hand. Rapid Circle’s experience has informed the excellent service, support and project success for 75 employees and over 2000 students. They identified opportunities over and above our brief to increase the value derived from Microsoft Teams which positively influenced the project outcomes.”


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