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Your Outdated Apps = Your Outdated Business.
As digital landscapes and customer expectations constantly evolve, how are you planning to modernise your apps to stay competitive?

Nine out of ten IT decision-makers claim legacy systems are preventing them from harnessing the digital technologies they need to grow and become more efficient.

At Rapid Circle we enable organisations like yours to modernise your existing applications, build new cloud-native applications, and leverage emerging technologies such as AI and IoT.

We start with a well-thought-out cloud strategy and focus with you on which applications should you purchase as service, which do you migrate to the cloud, and which do you turn off.

We then reduce maintenance costs, and improve application performance by using Microsoft Azure and the Power Platform. Our experienced team of developers works closely with you to build modern apps that transform the way you work.

Looking to migrate or modernise your legacy applications onto Azure? Talk to one of our experts

Jeroen Scholten

Global Solution Lead (NL/EU)

Andrew Fix

Chief Technology Officer (AU/NZ)

Challenges we can overcome together

Beyond the opportunity cost of sticking with your legacy applications, there is a real financial burden as well. Keeping your old applications secure, maintaining their code base in a constrained talent market, and funding resources required to make them run ‘well enough’.

Modernising your application landscape may seem like a significant investment, but in the long run it will streamline your business processes, reduce manual work, and increase efficiency, ultimately leading to long-term cost savings.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and you must adapt quickly to stay competitive. Rapid Circle’s app innovation solutions are designed to help you stay ahead of the curve by migrating, refactoring, or reimagining modern apps that help transform your business.

Customers today expect you to offer convenient, personalised, and seamless experiences, something your legacy applications struggle to deliver. Modern applications can help you meet these expectations by providing both your internal and external customers with easy access to your products and services, personalised experiences, and quick responses to their needs.

As automation, integration, and artificial intelligence technology improves exponentially, you can ensure that your organisation is using the best of what is today, to enhance your business processes of tomorrow.

Don’t get left in the past. Modernise your applications today


Create an impact with Microsoft and achieve what's next

10261 icon service Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps

A comprehensive set of development tools and services that facilitate collaboration, planning, coding, building, testing, and deployment of applications across the entire software development lifecycle.


Azure Functions and Containers

Azure Functions and Containers offer developers flexible options for building and deploying applications, with Azure Functions providing a serverless execution model for event-driven functions, and Containers offering a portable and scalable way to package and run applications with consistent behaviour across environments.

10023 icon service Kubernetes Services

Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a managed container orchestration service that simplifies the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications using Kubernetes, enabling organizations to easily run and scale containerized workloads in Azure.

10042 icon service API Management Services

API Management

API Management is a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to design, publish, secure, and manage APIs, providing a centralized solution for API lifecycle management, developer engagement, and analytics.

Our Digital & App Innovation Vision

Stay ahead of the game or get left behind

At Rapid Circle, our goal is to help businesses overcome the burden of legacy applications and help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

We’ll help you stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest technology and trends to create automated, intelligent and personalised experiences for your customers. 

At Rapid Circle, we help you achieve what’s next.


Let’s see what we can do for your business

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