Adoption & Change

70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to achieve their goals.
How can your organisation beat the odds?​

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, embracing change and effectively adopting new technologies are crucial for organisational success.

In fact, executives say the top benefits of digital transformation are improved operational efficiency (40%), faster time to market (36%) and the ability to meet customer expectations (35%).

At Rapid Circle, we understand the challenges that come with adopting and adapting to transformative technologies. We help businesses navigate this complex landscape, enabling them to unlock the full potential of their Microsoft investments.

Our adoption and change management expertise ensures seamless transitions and empowers employees to embrace change, fostering productivity and innovation.

Talk to one of our experts to connect your people to the technology that can amplify their success.

Hanneke Pastoor

Team Lead - Adopt & Embrace (NL/EU)


Kat Olsen

Principal Consultant (AU/NZ)

Challenges we can overcome together

Overcoming resistance to change is crucial. We guide you in creating a user-centric approach, addressing concerns, and engaging employees to champion the transformation.

Ensuring employees understand the value of new technologies is vital. Our tailored training and communication strategies help foster awareness and enthusiasm, promoting successful adoption.

Inadequate training can hinder adoption. We develop customised training programs that cater to various learning styles, empowering users to confidently leverage Microsoft tools.

Managing organisational change requires a structured approach. Our change management frameworks and tools establish clear goals, communication plans, and governance models, driving successful transformations.

Ready to empower your people to achieve what's next?


Create an impact with Microsoft and achieve what's next

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Teams is a collaborative communication platform that allows individuals and teams to chat, video conference, share files, and collaborate on projects in real time, providing an integrated workspace for seamless collaboration.

onedrive e1688097246645

OneDrive is a cloud storage and file hosting service provided by Microsoft that allows users to store, access, and share files and folders from anywhere with an internet connection. OneDrive integrates with Microsoft Office applications, making it easy to collaborate on documents and synchronise files across devices.

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Share Point

SharePoint is a web-based platform developed by Microsoft that serves as a centralised document management and collaboration tool. It enables organisations to create, store, share, and manage content, fostering efficient teamwork and information sharing within an organisation.


Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that aims to enhance employee well-being, learning, and engagement within organisations. It provides a collection of tools and resources, including Viva Connections, Viva Learning, Viva Topics, and Viva Insights.

Our Adoption & Change Vision

Paving the Path to Digital Success

As technology continues to evolve, embracing adoption and change will be paramount for organisations to thrive.

Our vision is to empower businesses to navigate these shifts confidently, leveraging cutting-edge Microsoft solutions.

Together, we can create a future where change is embraced, innovation flourishes, and digital success is assured.

At Rapid Circle, we help you achieve what’s next.


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