Leukaemia Foundation accelerates digital modernisation and ensures quality care
Microsoft 365
to form a more streamlined and unified way of working

Find out how The Leukaemia Foundation has modernised their way of working and connected their organisation to their culture. Both were driven by a recent merger of their state organisations to form a more unified and modern way of working with Microsoft 365.

Their aim was to make finding and working on documents simpler and more streamlined, and their communications more unified and open to all to share conversations and stories.

Rapid Circle was involved in building out their approach to Yammer & SharePoint, and it didn’t take long to see the impact of this engagement.

Now they can collaborate on the same documents at the same time in the one space, rather than the confusion of multiple documents and email trails. Working in the cloud also enables Support Coordinators to treat their laptop as an office, working from where they need to be with access to all their content and people. Yammer is already amplifying their culture and sharing their ‘caring deeply’ values.

Read on for more details in this Microsoft case study.

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