Five M365 Productivity Features You Can Start Using Today (Plus 3 Bonus Tips)

Effective task management is essential for maintaining productivity and achieving personal and professional goals. Microsoft 365, a comprehensive suite of productivity tools, offers a range of features to help users manage their tasks efficiently.

In our Capability Uplift program, we explore how you can Manage your personal tasks in a Modern Way using Microsoft 365 tools like Outlook Tasks, To Do, Teams, and OneNote revolutionising your task management process, and bringing all you r tasks into one centralised space with Tasks by Planner. In this article we highlight the benefits of these tools in modern task management, saving you valuable time and enhancing your overall productivity.

Task Management Challenges

Research has shown that ineffective task management can lead to decreased productivity and increased stress levels. According to a study conducted by Asana, 71% of knowledge workers experienced burnout in 2020. Additionally, A new survey by McKinsey & Company finds that 35% of workers leave their jobs due to unsustainable workloads. These alarming statistics indicate a clear need for efficient task management solutions to highlight potential concerns, optimise productivity and reduce stress in the workplace.

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Microsoft 365 Task Management Tools: Empowering Productivity

Outlook Tasks: Integrated and Intuitive

Outlook Tasks is a powerful tool integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite, designed to help users manage their daily responsibilities seamlessly. It allows you to create tasks directly from emails, set due dates, prioritise, and categorise them. Moreover, the integration with the calendar ensures that tasks are automatically scheduled, reminding you of upcoming deadlines. With the ability to access Outlook Tasks from multiple devices, you can stay organised on-the-go.

Microsoft To Do: Simplified Task Lists

For a more personalised and user-friendly approach to task management, Microsoft To Do is a standout tool. It enables you to create simple task lists and share them with colleagues or family members to collaborate effectively. You can set reminders, due dates, and even break down tasks into subtasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. The Mobile app and the seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 apps keep you updated and on track whilst on the go.

Microsoft Teams: Seamless Team Collaboration

For project-based task management and team collaboration, Microsoft Teams is a game-changer. Teams allows you to create channels for specific projects or departments, where members can share, assign, and track tasks collectively. The app fosters real-time communication, eliminating the need for lengthy email chains and keeping everyone on the same page.

“This level of collaboration enhances team productivity and accelerates project completion. And to keep on top of all those conversations you can easily create tasks directly from chat or conversations, which seamlessly integrates with the rest of the M365 suite.”

Jenni McNamara

OneNote: Centralised notetaking and task Tracking

Microsoft OneNote is a versatile application that consolidates your notes, documents, and tasks in one digital notebook. The integration of Outlook Tasks and To Do with OneNote allows you to link tasks directly to your notes, creating a seamless workflow. This feature empowers you to stay organised and focused, making it easier to access all relevant information while managing tasks simultaneously.

Tasks by Planner: Unifying Your Tasks

Tasks by Planner is an innovative feature in Microsoft 365 that centralises all your tasks, regardless of their origin, into a single, cohesive view. By consolidating tasks from Outlook, To Do, Teams, and OneNote, this tool eliminates the hassle of switching between multiple apps and platforms. This unified task management approach simplifies your workflow, increases efficiency, and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Efficient task management is vital for achieving productivity and reducing stress in both personal and professional settings. Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to various task management needs. From the integrated and intuitive Outlook Tasks to the collaborative nature of Teams and the simplicity of To Do, these applications streamline your productivity.

Additionally, OneNote’s centralised notetaking and Tasks by Planner’s unified view consolidate all your tasks, bringing everything into one space. Embrace Microsoft 365 task management tools and witness a modern way of managing your tasks, saving you valuable time and boosting overall efficiency. Take charge of your productivity today!

Jenni’s top 3 productivity tips: quick, actionable things you should do right now:

  1. Drag and drop emails to the task icon in Outlook (it automatically syncs to the To Do App) to create tasks that have a start date and a finish date.
  2. Create tasks directly from Chats and conversations by clicking on the 3 dots (ellipsis) beside the conversation and choose create task.
  3. Add the Tasks by planner app to your Teams navigation bar so you can see all your tasks in one place.

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