Celebrating 5 years of remarkable journey of Pooja Godse! 

Rapid Circle congratulates Pooja Godse on her fifth work anniversary!

As a Test Consultant, Pooja has not only exceled in test strategy and use-case development, but played a pivotal role in implementation of Azure DevOps by leveraging her profound understanding of Agile methodologies. Her adeptness in driving agile processes, backed with her knack of work management, uniquely positions her in every team she is a part of.

Here is Pooja’s journey in Rapid Circle and her commitment to #trustedtodeliver and #aheadofthecurve:


Can you tell us about your current role and project?  

In my current role at Rapid Circle, I am working as a Test Consultant for a client, helping them in developing a solution to manage the life cycle of Azure AD objects. Moreover, I’ve undertaken the responsibility of introducing Scrum practices into the project, supporting the team in grasping and navigating through various processes. 

How did you come to know about Rapid Circle?  

It all started during a trip to Goa with my friend who’s now my colleague, Madhuri Kudekar, who casually told about a job opportunity that got me interested and so I applied. Following a couple of interview rounds, I was fortunate enough to be selected for the new opportunity. 

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome it?  

My journey has been marked by some ups and downs. For instance, when I first joined Rapid Circle, I lacked experience in Microsoft Azure. However, thanks to the invaluable assistance of my team, I was able to effectively incorporate it into my project. Additionally, I had never tested a PowerApp before, but Rapid Circle provided me with the necessary support and encouragement to delve into learning new applications and technologies. 

How different of a person you are now as compared to when you joined?  

I believe I’ve undergone significant growth, and my journey of evolution continues. Back when I joined Rapid Circle, I was unfamiliar with implementing scrum processes within a project. Fortunately, I was able to attain the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification, which has enabled me to lead a project.  

Can you recall some of your best memories working here?  

My experience with Rapid Circle has been quite enjoyable. I have fond memories of the team day at Hilton Shillim and the potluck gatherings in our old office. These moments have certainly made my time here special. 

What do you aim to achieve now (technology-wise, other skills etc)?  

My objective is to develop my skills in a way that empowers me to assist clients in achieving their objectives.  

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