Today We Meet Damien Margaritis

Meet Rapid Circle pioneer Damien Margaritis. Damien joined Rapid Circle as part of the acquisition of Insync Technology almost a year to date! 

With over 15 years’ experience in the I.T industry, Damien has extensive expertise in Microsoft Unified Communications technologies. Working in the role of Technical Solutions professional at Rapid Circle, Damien provides subject matter expertise and guidance to a variety of organisations looking to deploy Teams Calling, adopt hybrid ways or working, and provide deep insights on how to bring Microsoft Teams into any meeting space. We caught up with Damien, to learn more about his journey.

“We just past the one-year anniversary of the acquisition of Insync Technology by Rapid Circle, which is all very exciting! It’s been a busy year integrating Insync but also a few other companies – Adopt and Embrace and Portiva to name a few. We’ve been using this time to standardise our offerings and see what Rapid Circle looks like moving forward.”

Damien Margaritis

How did you find the merge, and what has been the most exciting part of it? 

My background is in unified communications, but Rapid circle is much broader than that, so it’s been really interesting to see some of the broader capabilities they had in areas that we didn’t work in and how we cross pollinate between those different teams to create new offerings. 

For example: the capabilities of the power platform team. It’s not something I have had much visibility into in the past. Looking over the fence into that part of the business has been interesting to me purely because it’s just a world that I had no experience in beforehand. It offers a lot more opportunity combining what I’ve traditionally been strong in – Unified Communications, and combining that with the skills of the application developers. 

Did your role change during the acquisition? 

It’s a similar role, I sit in the sales team and provide presales expertise. Essentially my role has been to continue to support the sales team from a thought leadership perspective around unified communications and modern ways of working.  

Rapid Circle in the Netherlands and India don’t have a lot of experience in the unified communications space, so I’m looking forward to working closer with the overseas team to help expand our offerings throughout the rest of the world.  

As a thought leader in the Unified Communications and Microsoft 365 space, are there any forums or events customers should be aware of? 

Absolutely! I’d recommend that they checkout some of the Meetup groups out there. I host the Melbourne Teams UC User Group (Melbourne, Australia) | Meetup which holds regular catchups to discuss all things Teams – both updates, learnings and how different companies have resolved issues in their tenant. This is one of many of course, find the one closest to you! 

I’ve got my own blog ( It has been around for quite a few years now. I don’t blog as regularly as I would like but the material is regularly referenced by anyone that wants to know more about core Microsoft Unified Communications technologies. 

What do you like to do in your downtime?  

In a previous life, I used to DJ in nightclubs, so would have to say that’s still one activity I like to do (DJing that is, not the nightclubs anymore!) when time permits.

I’ve got all my DJ gear in the Melbourne office in case Friday night drinks turn into a bit of a music session. There’s not as much time for it as there used to be but when there’s a chance… 

Another thing I enjoy is playing hockey. I am a field hockey goalkeeper for the Melbourne Cricket Club Hockey Section, keeps me fit and it’s a great social club too.

I hear the Dutch might be into their field hockey too, may have to arrange a match… 

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