Lunchtalk: Shades of Knowledge: Navigate the Digital Darkness with Viva Connections

This event is in dutch.

Many valuable documents and files are hidden deep within the digital office building. Finding these documents often depends on receiving good training from colleagues or having above-average information searching skills. Without these preconditions, a lot of valuable information goes unused, or even worse, is ‘reinvented’. Searching for information and ‘bothering’ colleagues to find something also results in a significant amount of hidden unproductivity every day. This means that a worrying proportion of workable hours are lost in every organisation, every week.

The search function of Microsoft 365 has improved significantly in recent years, but still, less than 40% of employees use this powerful tool correctly. In addition to training employees in the use of Microsoft Search, the Microsoft product Viva Connections can also play a positive role. Viva Connections is a free extension to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, making it easier for employees to discover and consume information via SharePoint, and via the Microsoft Teams desktop and on a smartphone via the Teams mobile app.

This session is about the skills of search and the possibilities that Viva Connections has to offer to better connect employees with information.

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Speakers & host

Maarten Visser

Power Platform CTO