Modernise with Power Apps & Upgrade Old Legacy Applications

Modernising your crucial legacy applications is a necessity to remain flexible and meet the needs of your changing business.

The good news is that you don’t need deep programming knowledge to achieve this transformation. Power Apps, a powerful part of the Power Platform, provides an excellent solution to revive and improve old clunky user interfaces.

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Make Low-code and No-code work for you

Power Apps lets you create visually appealing, custom applications without struggling with complex code. The tool uses an intuitive interface where you can simply click and drag visual elements and logic. This makes modernising user interfaces a task accessible to a wide range of professionals. The best thing? It’s so simple to use, basic Excel knowledge is enough to get started with Power Apps

Step-by-step plan for success

Accurately replicating existing functionality with Power Apps when modernising legacy applications requires specific steps. First, a thorough analysis of the existing application should be performed to identify its core functionality and workflows.

You then you model these elements in Power Apps with visual design tools and formulas. Involving end users is crucial, because their input tailors the application to their needs and expectations. Stakeholder involvement throughout the process is key to success.

Manage data migration

When modernising legacy applications, managing data migration is a delicate task. It starts with a thorough identification of data sources in the legacy applications, including the desired format and structure of the data in Power Apps. Then it’s essential to carefully pull the data into the Power Platform or edit it using data transformation tools and modules like Power Automate. During this transition phase, be sure to maintain data consistency, accuracy, and security.

Performing test migrations and resolving any discrepancies prior to the final migration is essential to ensure a smooth transition. Finally, closely managing data migration is necessary for the new Power Apps application to function effectively with up-to-date data.

Power Apps is a valuable asset for innovation managers who want to modernise old legacy applications. It makes user interface modernisation intuitive and efficient, enabling organisations to quickly respond to changing business needs without in-depth programming knowledge. It is the embodiment of “low-code” and “no-code” in action, using technology in an accessible way to drive business success.

Online Workshop

Do you want to learn how to transform old, cumbersome software into fast, flexible and customised solutions without reinventing the wheel?

Then register for the online workshop on Tuesday, October 31 and discover the power of the Power Platform. (Dutch only)

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