Welcome Ronald, Stephanie, Pooja and Hajo!

What a month! In November, we welcome no less than four new pioneers. Today you’ll meet Ronald, Stephanie, Pooja and Hajo.

Kicking off the introductions is Ronald Heijboer, the latest addition to our Onboard team. With an impressive 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Ronald brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table. When he’s not mastering the digital realm, you’ll find Ronald enjoying family CrossFit sessions, cycling on his gravel bike, or perfecting his golf swing. Rumor has it; he might conquer the Alpe d’Huez next year for charity (KWF)! From hardware repairs to Oracle DBA, Ronald has seamlessly transitioned into the role of Project Manager, and after 17 years in the hosting world, he is ready to further expand his career at Rapid Circle.

Next up is Stephanie Verhulst. On November 6th, Stephanie started as Global Head of Operations. In the past, Stephanie worked for scale up’s in software and hardware, setting up professional services departments. Before she started with us, she worked several years in the energy transition industry, leading the North America business to setting the fundamental principles to effectively scale up. Stephanie is 36 years old and lives in Amsterdam with her partner Milan who is a chef and construction builder, and two cats: Nano and Mini who are almost dog-like cats who love playing fetch. She loves riding motorbike, flying airplanes either stunt or commercial, skiing, travelling, cooking with her partner, going out with friends and gaming. Her mission is to ensure Rapid Circle’s operational excellence across all countries through further shaping of standardized processes, provisioning of excellent data insights, great company governance, and supportive global tooling that is aligned with our target operating model.

Pooja Godse, our Test Lead at Shell, has been working at Rapid Circle for over 5 years. Embracing change, she recently decided to step out of her comfort zone and relocate to the Netherlands. Here in the land of tulips and bike paths, Pooja is trying to fully embrace Dutch life. She regularly plans bike rides, walks and culinary experiments in her kitchen to get used to the Dutch lifestyle. Her motto: continue to live her dream life and always try to make the most of it.

Last but certainly not least, we welcome Hajo de Groot as a Cloud Consultant in the (Weolcan) Rapid Circle Advisory team. With 15 years of experience in IT infrastructure and cloud, Hajo is ready to take on a new adventure. When he’s not immersed in the cloud, Hajo takes on athletic challenges like CrossFit and cycling, enjoys the great outdoors through hiking and skiing, and has a passion for preparing delicious meals. His first assignment at Antea involves a cloud maturity scan and a blueprint for a cloud expertise center – and he’s more than ready for it.

Ronald, Stephanie, Pooja and Hajo, we are delighted to welcome you to our team. We wish you all much success and fun in your new adventure at Rapid Circle!

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