Mammoet’s Improved Datacentre Performance, Lower Latency and Cost Reduction
Azure Landing Zone
design and implementation
Migration Strategy
on-premises infrastructure to Azure


Mammoet has datacenters at multiple locations worldwide to support their businesses and operations all over the world and at remote locations. Bandwidth and latency challenges made them pick their locations with care. With the Microsoft cloud becoming more and more ready to support worldwide scenario’s with technologies like ‘Multi-Geo’ and others, Mammoet and Rapid Circle investigated the suitability to use Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 for their worldwide network and datacenter.

The investigation resulted in a positive case and business case, resulting in an assignment for Rapid Circle to build their new datacentre in Azure, based on the new architecture created by Mammoet together with Rapid Circle. Rapid Circle was to migrate datacentre per datacentre to Microsoft Azure.



  • Design and implementation of an Azure Landing Zone. Containing naming conventions, tagging, policies, (hybrid) networking with Express Route, backup policies and setup, etc.
  • Implemented Azure governance and cost management
  • Setup a migration strategy for migrating on-premises infrastructure to Azure, including test strategy
  • Migrated Virtual machines from on-premises to Azure with Azure migrate tooling
  • Migrated on-premises SQL Server to SQL Azure


The two datacenters are now up and running in Mammoet’s worldwide network. The performance has improved, latency went down, and cost went down as well. Moreover, it has proved to be ‘a template’ for a) other locations to migrate and b) new locations to roll out quickly, because a lot of the operations is scripted/automated. Security is more advanced, and changes and updates can be rolled out faster. And most of the work Mammoet can now execute themselves.


Mammoet, headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands, employs 4500 people. It provides solutions to any heavy lifting or transport challenge. Mammoet has an unique global network and an unparalleled fleet of equipment. Extensive engineering expertise and high quality and safety standards deliver value to a wide breadth of industry sectors and projects. To bring all the datacentres from different locations worldwide together Rapid Circle build a worldwide network and datacentre. 

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