Talk + interactive session: Demystify A.I. – We reveal how to recoup your investment in Copilot

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A.I. is the mystery everyone is whispering about right now, especially how it will revolutionize the future of work. Microsoft is boldly stepping into this development with the introduction of Copilot. This digital A.I. assistant brings with it a wide range of powers.

Not only can Copilot generate concepts for content, but it also offers suggestions to rephrase your written pieces. Moreover, it offers options for submitting and inserting mesmerizing images, creating inspiring PowerPoint presentations from your Word documents, and countless other magical applications.

But that has its price. How do you ensure that you get the full value out of this investment? How do you use Copilot effectively, so that it actually contributes to the productivity of your employees and delivers more in a shorter time?

We help you unravel the mystery surrounding Copilot by showing you how to:

  • Makes quick analyses
  • Get a quick answer to all your questions
  • Know immediately what is happening around you in your organization

Do you dare to take the plunge and be guided by the powers of Copilot? Then join us during digital skills week and be enchanted by the possibilities of A.I.!

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Speakers & host

Maarten Eekels

Chief Technology Officer