The secret behind employee happiness: 7 ways Microsoft 365 can help attract new talent and reduce employee turnover

Microsoft Viva, the innovative platform, is designed to help organisations improve their employee experience. But before you get started with the Viva Suite, it is of course important to first have the basics in order. In this blog, you’ll discover 7 ways Microsoft 365 can help you create a modern and efficient workplace. Are you reading along?


Microsoft Teams makes it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate. Anywhere, anytime, on any device. This level of flexibility is highly sought after by new talent. New employees appreciate the ability to work anywhere. By offering this you give them the opportunity to create a better balance between work and private life.


The different communication methods offered by Microsoft Teams (chat, audio calls, video calls, and channel threads) allow users to collaborate better and have the ability to store and share files in real time. In addition, they get access to tools such as OneNote, Planner and Forms to facilitate coordination between team members. From project management to document collaboration, Microsoft 365 streamlines work processes, allowing employees to work with greater pleasure and satisfaction.


Microsoft 365 streamlines workflows by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up employees time to focus on tasks that really matter. This not only increases efficiency, but also job satisfaction, because in this way your employees only tackle tasks that are both meaningful and challenging. In addition, they feel more productive and happier in the tasks they have to do.


The security of sensitive data, devices, and identities is a top concern for employees. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 offers enhanced security features to protect data and keep employees safe. Moreover, with our Cloud Safeguard Service we ensure that your sensitive data is safe. We also provide comprehensive managed security for all your activities. This way, you can fully focus on performing these activities without having to worry about security.


Microsoft Forms enables companies to collect feedback from employees and customers, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their processes. This creates a dynamic and innovative workplace that is very attractive to new talent. Most new employees attach great importance to growth and development.


With OneDrive and SharePoint, employees can access their data and documents from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection, so they can be productive and collaborate with others, even when working remotely. In addition, Microsoft 365 offers tools such as Microsoft Teams, which provides a centralised platform for communication and collaboration, allowing employees to view and share important data and documents with their colleagues.


Thousands of organisations have already transformed their workplaces with Microsoft 365, and success has been proven. By working with us, you can get a tailor-made solution tailored to your unique needs and objectives. With our extensive experience and expertise, we help our customers reap all the benefits of Microsoft 365 and create a modern, efficient and attractive workplace.

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