Marking six years success of Subodh Waghmare!

Rapid Circle congratulates Subodh Waghmare, a Cloud Infra Consultant, on his sixth work anniversary!

Starting his career at RC as an O365 Exchange Admin, Subodh has impressively paved his way to become an Azure Infra Consultant. With his ability to understand customers’ requirements, people-centric skills, and great sense of humour, Subodh easily becomes a valuable addition for every team and project. 

Here’s Subodh on his journey with Rapid Circle thus far and what makes him stay #aheadofthecurve and #trustedtodeliver: 


Can you tell us about your current role and project? 

I am currently leading a transition for our new customer based in The Netherlands, where we will be managing their Microsoft 365, Endpoints and core Infra as a managed service offering. Before this, I have worked with multiple clients from Netherlands, Australia and India where I worked on Exchange Migrations, Azure Infrastructure and other M365 services.  

How did you come to know about Rapid Circle? 

I was not aware about Rapid Circle till the time our Director, Avani Patki, asked me on LinkedIn checking if I was looking for a new opportunity. Since I was, I looked up for Rapid Circle and got to know about its multinational presence and its world class work ethics and culture. In a few interactions with the her, I was able to resonate with her thoughts and was sure that this is the kind of workplace I would love to be associated with. 

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome it? 

In my six years with the organization, I encountered several challenges that pushed me to grow both personally and professionally. One significant challenge I faced was to Setup Cloud Infrastructure as a code, I was aware of the kind of provisioning but never at this scale. This challenge initially seemed daunting, but I approached it with determination and a proactive mindset. 

To overcome this challenge, I took the following steps: First, I learned about the IaaC provisioning and PowerShell scripting that was the core skill required to achieve this. It also included me learning about code versioning and deployment.  I sought guidance and support from my colleagues and mentors Sarang Kulkarni and Bhushan Gawale, leveraging their expertise and experience to gain insights and find my way ahead. I may have not shown like a star in this specific expedition but for me it laid the foundation many similar challenges that I would accept and deliver. 

I also embraced a mindset of continuous learning and self-improvement which is a core culture at Rapid Circle. I proactively sought out opportunities for professional development, taking relevant courses, one such course I found was a master’s degree program that was offered in India in Computing Systems and Infrastructure which complemented my job perfectly. I talked about pursuing this course with our Director Suyog Patki and received not only his support but encouragement throughout the course. This in turn allowed me to enhance my skills and knowledge, equipping me with the tools necessary to overcome all future challenges successfully. 

How different of a person you are now as compared to when you joined? 

When I first joined the organization, I was eager to embark on a new chapter in my professional journey. Over the years, I have experienced significant personal growth and transformation, which has shaped me into a different person today. 

Professionally, I have acquired knowledge and skills that have allowed me to excel in my role. Through various projects, challenges, and opportunities, I have improved my expertise and become more confident in my abilities. To be specific, I was an Exchange Consultant before I joined Rapid Circle but now working for six years, I have worked in Azure Infra projects, Migration projects, ADFS and Azure AD projects, PowerShell scripting projects and Microsoft 365 services and now also in Project Management where it’s clear that my experience working in Microsoft services has grown exponentially. 

Beyond professional development, my time with the organization has also had a profound impact on my personal growth. I have learned valuable lessons about teamwork, collaboration, and the power of a supportive work environment. Working at RC has helped me reach a calm, which then also improved my mental health due to the work-life balance policy. 

Can you recall some of your best memories working here? 

One of the best memories that I have at RC is that I got to celebrate my 30th Birthday in Amsterdam with my NL colleagues with whom I was working on a Project in the Netherlands. There was dancing and singing, and we enjoyed a lot, never going to forget it, best birthday ever! 

What do you aim to achieve now (technology-wise, other skills etc)? 

I have always been a good communicator and a good technical person as well, this has always caused a dilemma in me thinking if I should remain a technical person or also explore into roles with people skills. I have reached an understanding that it doesn’t have to be one or the other, they can go hand in hand. For this reason, in one my current projects I am working on Transition for onboarding for one our clients to Managed Services and also really liking the work. This is what I really want for myself in the coming years. 

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