Meet new fellow of RC: Bhushan Gawale

Bhushan Gawale joined Rapid Circle India in February 2017 as a Cloud Consultant. With his consistent delivery of successful projects, keen eye on quality and security at every level, his infinite patience with team members, being always available for the teams and customers, Bhushan is Rapid Circle India’s new Fellow. 

Bhushan is a perfect example of an exemplary leader who put others on driving seat making them run the show and providing everything needed to make the show successful. His immense experience of working on different kinds of complex projects and people guarantees 100% project success . It is not just the team members but also the customers who look forward for his invaluable inputs, making him a true asset of Rapid Circle. 

Read on to see how Bhushan strives by the Rapid Circle’s values of being Trusted to Deliver, People Making Impact, and Better Together: 

Bhushan Fellow
Bhushan Gawale

What are you working on currently?

Currently I am working with Rapid Circle Australia Azure team in a capacity of a Senior Consultant and helping customers to design and implement different solutions which helps them to adopt an efficient way of working by embracing the cloud ecosystem, and we at Rapid Circle ensure to provide required and necessary guidance to them throughout this journey of transformation at every stage right from the discovery phase. 

The current role not only demands in depth knowledge of different tools and technologies but also welcomes the breadth and understanding of working in multi-cloud environment where past learnings and experiences could be leveraged to make customer engagements more effective. 

I have been part of multiple implementations so far that involved working with range of different Azure / AWS services such as Infrastructure design and setup, (web) application development utilizing different platform services, end to end data platform designs and Dev/Data Ops implementations etc. 

What is the most favourite part of your job?

The ‘Cloud’ certainly has come a long way. I have evidently noticed the shift in the mindset people to look at cloud as just another hosting platform to it becoming an enterprise, trusted and scalable environment for their organizations. 

Having seen many organizations and customers wanting to make that shift from Capex to Opex in recent years to bring that reliability factor in their environments and to stay away from hassles of managing the scale and cost, it’s always a unique experience with almost every customer that keeps me motivated to address different issues that would enable them to make most out of the technology. 

Apart from this, sometimes I get a chance to mentor other team members within or outside of the organization where I am happy to share different learnings and experiences to help them grow in their roles. 

“Rapid Circle has successfully created and nurtured a work culture where ideas and innovations are always supported”

What was your most challenging project so far? What were the take-aways? 

From my perspective, the challenging project does not necessarily mean a complicated solution demanding high technical skills, but something that pushes you to your limits and demands more from you, asks you to get out of your comfort zone to go that extra mile, deal with different personalities, situations etc. and that’s why I think, it sometimes definitely becomes crucial to be part of such projects because in the end, you get to see a better version of yourself and in the process, it presents you all the opportunities to lead from the front and emerge as a successful professional. 

There were certain occasions where-in I got opportunities to contribute to such engagements and the only take-away for me was to keep on moving with dedication, consistency and with complete accountability along with patience. 

How has your job/responsibilities changed over the years working at Rapid Circle?

Rapid Circle has successfully created and nurtured a work culture where ideas and innovations are always supported, also different opportunities and right platforms are always provided to people to grow and prosper in their careers. 

I joined Rapid Circle, India back in Feb 2017 and have witnessed the journey of transformation as I moved on playing different roles within different teams and working with different customers across the globe. 

Having spent almost 5 years and counting, Rapid Circle has always provided me number of opportunities to learn and grow, however most importantly it always stood by the team which induces the confidence and trust within people and inspires them to go beyond that extra mile and give their best. 

What are your best memories working here (could be funny/emotional)?

Rapid Circle being a happy and people-oriented workplace, almost every other day is filled with different experiences and working with highly talented colleagues who are always around, just a message away and with always ready to help attitude, it naturally helps to build that strong bond specifically while working in such environment for long. 

Receiving a title of ‘Fellow’ is certainly an experience that can be highlighted as one of the memorable as well as an emotional experience while working at Rapid Circle. 

This whole episode introduced me to the core values of the organisation. The team didn’t think twice before spending the night and exercising their responsibility due to their confidence in the empathetic leadership. This is just one of the many memories that will stick with me.

How would you summarise your journey with Rapid Circle? 

After I had to take a difficult decision to shut down my startup, Rapid Circle was the obvious choice since I would operate in an environment that is transparent in its workings and help me learn what it takes to run a successful technology company. Seven years later when I retrospect this decision I can validate the rationale. I have had the unique opportunity to work with some of the smartest yet grounded people. I got the opportunity to witness how the organization has grown globally curating Cloud Pioneers and keeps creating value for customers. 

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