Rapid Circle celebrating a decade with Shrikant Datke

Rapid Circle celebrates tenth working anniversary of Shrikant Datke. Fondly called as “Captain Crisis” of RUN team, Shrikant leads the Managed Services from RC India. For a young and humble gentleman who joined as a Support Consultant in 2012, little could anyone predict the significant role he would play in the success of Rapid Circle. With his bright smile and never-say-no attitude, Shrikant truly has come a long way. People working with him are inspired by his passion to deliver and hard work. Be it any critical tickets, preparing RFPs, PMO activities, Data Privacy and Security, CSR initiatives, mentoring and encouraging people, to being active member of Cultural Committee, one can easily see Shrikant’s omnipresence.

Here’s more on Shrikant’s journey as he leads by example on values of Rapid Circle; People Making Impact and Trusted to Deliver:

Shrikant workanniversary
Shrikant Datke

What is your role at Rapid Circle?

Primarily, as India representative of Managed Services team, I interact with clients, discuss service offerings by Rapid Circle, continuously work towards client satisfaction and help improve their environment. Having been a SharePoint developer, the knowledge and experience comes handy to provide technical consultation to my team in identifying and resolving critical incidents.  

I am also a part of Global Green Team, a team comprising of Rapid Circle colleagues from Australia, Netherlands and India, which is dedicated on ‘Green’ side of things like measuring our carbon footprint, talent management & retention as well as office environment and sustainability efforts. My focus area is to contribute towards great place to work and Data Privacy & Security. I collect the data and do research on the insights, conceptualize ideas and guidelines and present it before the Rapid Circle Leadership team.  

What is the most favourite part of your job?

I love everything I do at Rapid Circle. My favorite part is looking after People at Rapid Circle, work on their health and happiness. I believe every individual plays a significant role in the organization and I like to bring out the best from the individuals and direct it through the right channel. I like to contribute to the Business and People side of Operations at Rapid Circle. 

What was your most challenging project so far? What were the take-aways? 

I believe people management is more challenging than writing a complex piece of code. Keeping up to the culture, managing client expectations, and putting your people first, have certain challenges but this is what we love at Rapid Circle.  

I would still like to recount my recent project of getting Rapid Circle BV ISO certified in the scope of Managed Services Department. I found it challenging because it had involved a lot of proof-reading, collecting insights of the contractual obligations(in Dutch) and services offered to the clients. During this I learned Information security in-depth, and its best practices. We also designed processes adhering to ISO guidelines and relevant for the Managed Services department. 

I cannot THANK Avani Patki enough for being together in this project journey and continuously guiding the RUN Team to get the certification accomplished. With this, we made an impact on our Information Security practices and certainly gained more faith from our clients in our deliveries. 

“I never feel stressed or overwhelmed with responsibilities at Rapid Circle”

– Shrikant Datke

How has your job/responsibilities changed over the years working at Rapid Circle?

The responsibilities grew naturally with time and need in these 10 years. In the ocean of opportunities at Rapid Circle (formerly Zevenseas) I started as a Support Consultant working in Night Shifts to leading the Managed Services team in India.  While filling up the gap in technical and operational capacities different responsibilities came my way. Being responsible for keeping the communication up-to-date with stakeholders and leadership team, to being involved in Security at Rapid Circle India, and controlling the tools used.  

I never feel stressed or overwhelmed with responsibilities at Rapid Circle, because I believe responsibilities come along with organization’s faith in you, so I am always excited to pick up new and challenging responsibilities. 

What are your best memories working here?

This is a tough one as Rapid Circle is a family and everything here is so personal to me. One of the best memories is my wedding ceremony where I was lucky to have my friends/colleagues of Rapid Circle along with Rapid Circle co-founders- Daniel, Harold, Andrew, Suyog, and Avani attending my wedding. They travelled all the way to Nagpur (my home town), danced and enjoyed the function, making it a most memorable moment of my life. I still cherish those moments 🙂 

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