Copilot Event: Get Ready for Take Off Now

The sky’s the limit at our umcomming exclusive Copilot customer event “Ready for take off”. A fascinating afternoon full of insights and discussions on how to succesfully adopt Copilot and artificial intelligence (AI) at your organisation 

Date:Thursday December 7, 2023 
Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 
Location:Rapid Circle Clubhouse, Asterweg 15N, Amsterdam 

Organisations thrive when their talent has time to dream, create and innovate. Unfortunately, those manual, time consuming tasks that we all dread, can take away our time and energy. The introduction of Microsoft Copilot is a major step in the evolution of how we work to unleash creativity, increase productivity and improve skills using Artificial Intelligence. 

Our inspirational afternoon consists of two parts:

First we will delve deeper into the adoption of Copilot and how AI can be used successfully. We look at the modern aspects of security and infrastructure and how they can be applied in a world full of challenges. Naturally, we also take a look at the future of data and what it can mean for your organisation. Our experts will inspire you with the latest developments in the field of Copilot and AI. 

Secondly we discuss the added value of AI for your organisation and how this can be measured. The essential aspects that really create value and how you can use them. As well as concrete examples and case studies, our speakers show how AI can improve your business operations and stimulate growth. 

In addition to the informative sessions and fascinating discussions, there is of course plenty of opportunity to network and speak with like-minded people. We look forward to experiencing an inspiring day with you, and showing what we call, ‘The art of the Possible’. 

Copilot ‘Ready for Take Off’ Event Program:

1:00 PM – 1:15 PMOpening | Setting the scene
Maarten Eekels and Iona Varga
1:15 PM – 2:45 PMHow do you ensure that your employees use Copilot productively?
Hanneke Pastoor and Roel Zimmerman 
How do you deal with modern security and compliance? 
Arno Zwegers and Jeroen Scholten 
Datadriven AI
Iona Varga 
2:45 PM – 3:15 PMBreak
3:15 PM – 4:45 PMAdded and measurable value of Copilot based on three business cases
Hanneke Pastoor, Roel Zimmerman, Maarten Visser and Iona Varga 
4:45 PM – 5:00 PMReady for take-off? – Closing speech and networking drinks
Maarten Eekels 


Roel Zimmerman and Hanneke Pastoor 

From Adopt & Embrace, Roel and Hanneke talk about the way forward to make AI and Copilot a success within every organisation. How do you unravel the mystery of ‘the user’ and how do you change the mindsets to get the most value out of AI? 

Arno Zwegers and Jeroen Scholten 

Arno and Jeroen are our Solution Leads for Security and Modern Apps. With their knowledge and experience from the past, and their look to the future, they can explain exactly where things too often go wrong and remain stuck, and which points are certainly interesting to pay attention to from an AI-first thought. 

Iona Varga 

Adapted by data, Iona will show how data is currently stored and what this should look like in the future if we want to extract value from our landscape with AI. Is a traditional server still suitable? 

Maarten Visser 

When you think of process optimisation, you think of Maarten. Maarten, together with Roel and Iona, will map out the value from the business and translate this into what actions you can take. Do you want to go for optimisation, or more for innovation? Success with Copilot and Generative AI is possible in all aspects of your business, and we’re going to show you exactly how. 

Maarten Eekels 

As CTO of Rapid Circle, Maarten will provide the closing ceremony, looking both back and forward to paint a picture of how AI will make a lasting positve impact.


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